Speaking, Presentations, and Trainings

"Confidence comes from learning and training."

-Robert Kiyosaki

Dr. McKay is available for speaking engagements, presentations, and trainings on the topic of your choosing. Each one is unique to your organization's specific needs. Areas of expertise and interest are:

  • Choose to be G.R.E.A.T. framework/philosophy
  • School Culture
  • Student Growth
  • Motivation/Encouragement/Becoming a Superhero
  • Data Collection, Disaggregation , and Usage
  • Teacher Morale
  • Parent Engagement/Involvement
  • Instructional Technology and Curriculum

Below are a few examples of presentations. Please contact for permission to use, bookings, or to schedule a meeting to discuss possibilities for your organization. This is not an exclusive list of options. We are committed to make sure to provide a relevant, worthwhile experience for your organization.

Choose to be G.R.E.A.T. Presentation

Becoming a "Superhero"

Becoming a Superhero Presentation

New teacher orientation

i3 presentation to approximately 400 teachers

Copy of cooperative learning.ppt

Cooperative Learning Presentation

SAMR Coffe

Technology Integration Training